Nick Hunt and Hansjorg Schmidt


An interactive installation by Hansjörg Schmidt and Nick Hunt

Traces is an interactive installation that invites you to think about the relationship between our experience of light and various ways of recording and documenting it. You can frame views of the light and things you encounter or notice, and record them using your camera or smart phone to explore what is lost and what traces remain when we try to capture light.

Traces is a research project arising from Rose Bruford College’s Library of Light.

The Library of Light is an evolving research project imagined by a group of artists and academics, led by artist Jo Joelson and lighting designer Hansjörg Schmidt.

The vision for the Library of Light is a repository for the interdisciplinary investigation of light – a living archive that demonstrates the breadth of lighting practice across disciplines to contribute to and develop our understanding of light as a creative medium and its impact on our cultural history.

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