Katharine Williams

Katharine Williams
Panel 2: People and Processes

Paper title: RashDash: fusing feminism and light

Abstract: Katharine Williams explores the very personal process of making feminist political dance theatre with Leeds company RashDash, and the role light has to play in two productions that discuss the lived experience of women in the UK today. Two Man Show focuses on patriarchy while The Darkest Corners investigates violence against women on the streets, and is inspired by the Reclaim The Night movement. Light is a distinct character in each piece and makes political, practical and personal choices.

Biog: Katharine Williams is a lighting designer for live performance.  She works in the UK and internationally; in China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Armenia, Romania, Russia and the Czech Republic.  Recent designs include: Two Man Show and The Darkest Corners (RashDash); Safe House (Daniel Bye); Big Guns (Yard Theatre) and Partus (Third Angel).

Katharine is lead artist of the Love Letters to the Home Office project which campaigns using art, words and theatre to stop the means-tested tiering of human rights that is currently in place in the UK for international families. She is the founder of the Crew for Calais initiative, which is what happens when people from the theatre and creative industries come together to help refugees. www.crewforcalais.org