Symposium Speakers

The symposium will feature a series of themed panel sessions, incorporating academic research papers, contributions from active professionals, and space for productive discussions. Our proposed schedule is below (but please note that this may be subject to change). Click on a speaker’s name to see their abstract and biography. Further details will be added here as they are confirmed.

From 9.45am: Registration

10.00am: Exhibition of Library of Light project

10.20am: Welcome: Joslin McKinney

10.30am–11.30am: Keynote lecture: Christopher Baugh (Emeritus Professor, University of Leeds)

11.30am–12.30pm: Panel 1: Dramaturgy and Audience Experience of Light
Katherine Graham (University of Leeds)
Yaron Shyldkrot (University of Surrey)
Paule Constable (lighting designer)
Nick Hunt and Hansjorg Schmidt (Rose Bruford/Library of Light)

12.30pm–1.30pm: Lunch and book launch
Presentation of new publication, The Right Light, by Nick Moran
Exhibition of Library of Light project

1.30pm–2.45pm: Panel 2: People and Processes
Katharine Cockin (University of Hull)
Kelli Zezulka (University of Leeds)
Katharine Williams (lighting designer)

2.45pm–3.15pm: Coffee break
Exhibition of Library of Light project

3.15pm–4.30pm: Panel 3: Light as Material
Joslin McKinney (University of Leeds)
David Shearing (scenographer)
Peter Mumford (lighting designer)

4.30pm–5.45pm: Discussion: What next?
What are the next steps for light research?
How can practice and research usefully inform each other?
Where are the most urgent gaps in knowledge about light?
How can we best disseminate light research within and beyond the academy?
Discussion, space for participant responses and planning session towards AHRC Research Network bid.

The symposium has been kindly sponsored by the Association of Lighting Designers, ETC, and the Performance and Place research group in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at University of Leeds.

Banner image:
The Weather Machine
Design by David Shearing
Photograph by Tom Joy